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Terms and Conditions





                Standard Terms and Conditions for International Agent Service. 


                     Min fee of the issued quote is payable in Advance

                     Fees quoted are based on NON URGENT and that ample time (2 weeks or more is available for service from the date we receive the document.)

            Please note additional time is required to get documents to and from the destination. Please allow a turn around time of 3 - 4 weeks.

            You do however have the option of an 'Urgent' Service fee and/or additional fees for Courier Service.

                     Documents and legality of the documents is strictly the responsibility of the issuer i.e.: Solicitor, Plaintiff and/or its Collection Agent. We accept no responsibility.

                     STRICTLY NO REFUND, once the file is issued from our office, and leaves Australia, fees can not be refunded.

                     Our agent will NOT under any circumstance knowingly break the law.

                     Our agent will NOT under any circumstance in danger him/herself to serve a document.

o        If the document can not be served due to a threat of violence, or the area is to dangerous to travel in, the agent will attempt to seek instructions from our office for alternative service.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all information is provided to our office, this includes but not limited to any previous acts or threats of violence, threats to the Applicant/Plaintiff.

o        Our agent will make every effort to serve the required documentation, however we are unable to make any guarantee.

o        Affidavits of attempt will be provided as required.

                     Should charges exceed the quoted amount, additional fees are payable within 14 days. You will be advised in writing/email prior to additional fees being charged.

o        You will have the opportunity to approve the action or request the file to be closed, and therefore not incur any additional fees. 

                     By forwarding documentation to our office, you accept terms and conditions and costs.






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